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Piano House have been professionally tuning and servicing pianos on location and in the workshop for over 40 years. We specialise in concert and domestic tuning, and also offer wide array of services such as regulating, repairs, reconditioning and valuations.

Quotations for servicing and repair work are done on an individual basis. It is only possible to give a firm quotation after a close inspection of a piano.

Domestic piano tuning

Having your piano tuned at home. To book and arrange an appointment to have your piano tuned please contact me via telephone to book in.

A piano tuning takes approximately one to one and a half hours to complete. If you are booking to have your piano tuned for the first time I will need time to assess your piano first before I begin work. A £88 call out fee is chargeable only if I arrive and after inspection discover your piano is beyond repair and it is not possible to carry out a tuning.

Recommended intervals for tuning to maintain your piano in good working order is between six and twelve months.

In the event of a cancellation within 24 hours of the tuning appointment a 50% contribution towards the tuning fee is payable, this is also payable if I arrive to find I am unable to access the piano to tune.


Valuations for insurance and sale purposes. I am happy to make an appointment to visit and give a valuation of your piano. The fee for a verbal valuation is from £88. A written valuation or report on headed paper for your records is available at an additional fee.

Service and regulation

During its life a piano will need more than simply tuning. The action will need adjusting (particularly on grand pianos) and will maximise the pianists enjoyment of the instrument and maintain a wider range of volume and quality of sound. Dust and dirt that naturally accumulate over time will cause friction within the action that causes the materials of the piano to ware-out faster if not cleaned and serviced.

The extra time and money invested in regulation and service is an investment in maintaining the quality of your piano.

Piano repairs and reconditioning

I can arrange an appointment to visit and assess your piano (please see fees payable above). At this stage we can discuss the piano’s current state of repair and/ or reconditioning needs. It is important to consider the cost investment against the potential value of the instrument once repaired or reconditioned.

Concert and recording tuning

As a technician with over 40 years of experience in the industry I have had the pleasure of tuning for famous artists in a wide range of venues. I am happy to submit estimates to tune for concerts and recording.

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